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Mental Health Therapy

A variety of Mental Health Therapy services are offered both online and in person through RedBloom.

  • 1 hour
  • Varies
  • North Mill Street

Service Description

RedBloom offers a variety of Mental Health Therapy services in the same building as Health Central. This allows us to work as a team to offer Mental Health Therapy and holistic approaches to mental wellness in one convenient location. Call RedBloom at 989.285.1150 or visit Addiction Recovery Therapy: Addiction is a prevalent issue across the country, whether that is drugs, gambling, sex, or something else. Here, you will learn coping strategies to manage cravings, relapse prevention, and communication skills, particularly when and how to ask for help. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: The word "dialectical" comes from the idea of bringing together two opposite ideas: ambivalence and change. By acknowledging that change is hard and sometimes messy, you will feel validated and more motivated to make any changes that come your way. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Our perception of the world around us influences our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT assists is changing thought patterns and developing problem solving skills to manage everyday life. Acceptance or Commitment Therapy: Society often encourages us to fix or avoid difficult emotions, thoughts, and circumstances rather than recognizing them as part of the wholeness of life. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps people accept and view these experiences in a non-judgmental manner while making conscious choices of how we let them affect our lives. Emotionally Focused Therapy: Connection, with oneself or others, occurs best when we feel safe to be authentic in our emotions but intense emotions are frequently misunderstood or overwhelming. Emotionally Focused Therapy assists people with restoring trust, communication, and understanding by helping people feel seen and accepted as they process their distress and increase opportunities for closeness and repair. Often used with romantic partnerships, EFT can be beneficial for individuals, families, and other types of relationships. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (Coming Soon): Our brains form structures that help us understand and function in the world around us and protect us from pain and discomfort that could debilitate us. However, at times those structures become too rigid and prevent us from growth and healing. Ketamine is a legal psychedelic medicine that can help soothe these rigid defenses and allow for the emergence of one's innate ability to heal and curiosity for new understandings.

Contact Details

  • 219 North Mill Street, St. Louis, MI, USA


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